Guild History

In January and February of 1985 there were joint meetings of the Gold Country Quilters Guild and the Needle Dredgers Guild for the purpose of discussing a merger of the two guilds.  Both Guilds were small but serving more or less the same community.  It was thought that by combining they would have more money and could accomplish more for the benefit of the members.
In choosing a new name there was discussion of adding the word "fiber" since some of the members were weavers and fiber artists.  Hence in March 1985, the first Newsletter bearing the name Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild was written.  The first meeting was March 12, 1985.  Sheila Mataya-Bayley was elected the first President.  Sheila was the President of the Gold Country Quilters Guild prior to the merger.  The first Quilt Show was October 5, 1985.  Quilt Show Chair was Jerry Paddeck.  The Opportunity Quilt was the "Lancaster Rose”.

Meetings moved from one location to another as the Guild grew.  Some of the locations were the Home Economics room at Folsom High School, Carl Sundahl School, Trinity Episcopal Church Parish Hall, St. Johns Catholic Church, the old Community Center, and the present Folsom Community Center.  Bylaws of the Guild were written and voted in early 1985.  The bylaws are reviewed and revised as needed every three years by the Board.

The Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild honors the following
founding members who are still active members:

Sheila Mataya-Bayley *
Doris Bourgeois
Lesley Kemp *
Francess McCleerey
Nancy Puryear
Sally Scholz

* Past Presidents of the guild

Contact Us

 The guild's mailing address is:
    Folsom Quilt & Fiber Guild
    P.O. Box 626
    Folsom, CA  95673-0626

If you need additional information about our guild please email the guild's president at president@folsomquilt.org
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Visiting Quilts

If you are interested in bring your guild’s Opportunity Quilt to one of Folsom’s please contact the guild president: president@folsomquilt.org

Folsom Community Center

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