Peggy Martin

Peggy Martin enjoys expanding on traditional quilts with new variations and color-play. Her favorite quilts are those which are fast, easy to piece, and offer many design possibilities. Peggy has been teaching quilting in college adult education classes and for guilds and seminars since 1985.

She was awarded the title “Quilting Teacher of the Year” by the International Professional Quilters Association in 2010. Her two books with C&T Publishing, “Quick-Strip Paper Piecing” and “Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way” , and her class on include patterns and instructions for her assembly-line strip-pieced method of paper piecing.

She is an award-winning quilter and has exhibited in many national shows. Traveling and teaching widely at quilt guilds and conferences, Peggy lives in San Diego, California and is married with two grown sons.

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Enjoying the Journey 
Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Peggy began quilting in 1981, drafting traditional blocks for templates, hand piecing and hand quilting. When the rotary cuter and faster methods appeared, she was able to make many more quilts, and she now machine quilt her quilts.
A look at quilts spanning Peggy's 30+ years of quilting and teaching, exploring a wide variety of patterns and concepts, as well as how her style and color sense have evolved.

Split Compass 
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The 15-inch Split Compass block is composed of mirror-image octagon wedges and no circles, producing a three-dimensional effect.

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