Linda Schmidt

Linda Schmidt is a quilting teacher and judge, garment designer, speaker, writer, musician, and mother.  Her quilts and garments have won hundreds of ribbons nationally and internationally; she was awarded Teacher of the Year by The Professional Quilter Magazine; and teaches seven online interactive books (classes) online at
Linda has an eclectic taste in quilts and quilters, an insatiably inquiring mind, and a sincere desire to help others learn what they need to know in order to fill empty hands with comfort and empty spaces with beauty.
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Linda S. Schmidt
Fiber Artist 
7695 Sunwood Drive, Dublin, CA 94568
Telephone:  925-829-4329 

(Note:  I am much more likely to answer an e-mail than a phone call, since I forget to check my voicemail)


Down & Dirty Designs and Terrific Techniques 
Tuesday, February 8, 2019

This is a trunk show that gives you principles of design you can keep in your head while creating traditional and/or art quilts and shows you shortcuts and techniques to make your quilts come alive! 

See how to use fabric paints, fusibles, heat guns, cracked ice, Lutradur, Tyvek, Angelina fiber, Puff Paint, foil, and many other substances to create special effects while remaining true to the quilting tradition.


Creating With Cool Stuff 
Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This is a combination hands-on and demonstration workshop where you will create a small landscape using MistyFuse, metallic paint powders, Lutradur, Puff Paint, Tyvek, fabric paints, iridescent cracked ice, painted melted cellophane and sheer fabrics, roving, Angelina fibers and more. You will come away with a small, landscape art piece, pinned and ready to sew, and lots of inspiration for new projects. Come and see what you can create as you experiment with cool stuff that will enable you to create waterfalls, trees, clouds, streams, and abstract art!

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