Katie Fowler

From Katie’s website:
Fearless Quilter. I am a life long teacher and facilitator. I want to help your group members find creative bliss. I know the questions to ask so you can find your unique creative joy!
I am an art quilter. That’s a dangerous thing to say in the art world. People often respond, “Oh, my Great Aunt Whozee made quilts.” My pieces are not bed coverings. They are personal and meaningful expressions of who I am and my interpretation of the world around me.
I love to bend the rules of traditional quilting and create with courage.
Visit the ART, QUILTS, AND ARTQUILTS page to learn more about mark making on fabric and my work.

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Website: KatieFowler.net
Email: ktfowler@mac.com
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Fearless Quilter 
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Katie is a professional educator/artist, author, speaker and certified creativity coach. She loves to bend the rules of traditional quilting and create with courage. She wants to share the creative process, creative blocks and effective tools for mastering creative momentum...all with a super sense of humor!

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Fearless Creating: Paint, Layer, Stitch Playshop
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Participants will make small whole cloth paintings, learning to use different materials for making marks on fabric. Color theory and the principles of design will be a big part of this experience, as well as my special theory of "embrace the blob." We will discuss creativity theories, blocks and useful techniques to push ourselves closer to creative bliss.

I provide all supplies for your use. You just bring a paint shirt and your imagination!