2018-2019 Block of the Month

The block of the month for 2018 - 2019, will be traditional blocks. You will use your fabric stash. The blocks will all be 14" x 14" square. Traditional blocks are great BOM for beginners! And classics for all of us!

We will be making a variety of blocks to assemble into a quilt.  Each month a different block pattern will be handled out to members who have signed up to participate.  The monthly block needs to be complete and shown at the following month's guild meeting.  If complete the member will get the next month's pattern, if not complete, it will cost the member $1.00 to get the next month's pattern.

Once all blocks are done the member can finish their quilt top.  The quilt top must be together for the April 2019 guild meeting.  It does not need to be quilted and members can put the quilt together anyway they want as long as all blocks are used.

There will be great prizes for those who complete a quilt top with all of the blocks.

So come join the fun! 

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